Fixture & Appliance Installation

Quicklights can upgrade, replace and repair your home's fixtures and appliances.

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Are you looking to upgrade your light switches to better integrate with your interior design?

Kwick Lights can upgrade the type and look of your switch. We can also replace and repair broken switches.


Are your outlets getting warm under load or are there issues with reliable power delivery? Let Kwick Lights replace your outlets.

Ceiling Fans

Did you find that perfect ceiling fan? Kwick Lights can install your fans and appropriate receptacles.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can quickly transform a living space. Kwick Lights can install your new indoor or outdoor light fixtures.

Water Heaters

Lack of hot water could be power related. Have a Kwick Lights technician troubleshoot and resolve hot water issues. We can also wire in new tankless water heaters.

AC Units

Ensure that your HVAC system is appropriately powered. Let Kwick Lights take care of wiring air handlers or AC compressors.

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