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Residential Electrical Services

Depend on Kwick Lights for all electrical needs in your house or condo.

Electrical Services for Your Home

Kwick Lights offers a wide variety of electrical services, covering your residential needs. Our experienced electricians strive to deliver quality at a fair price. Learn more about our services below.

Troubleshooting, Repair & Safety

Trust our licensed and experienced electricians to troubleshoot outlet issues, malfunctioning switches, tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights or a loss of power. Kwick Lights performs permitted safety inspections and coordinates with JEA to restart service.

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum wiring can pose a fire hazard and typically drives up your insurance costs. Kwick Lights offers patented COPALUM™ and AlumiConn™ retrofit solutions to mitigate these fire hazards and lower your property insurance.

Electrical Panels & Breakers

Increase your electrical service with a new panel. Add service to a detached garage or shed by adding a sub panel. Replace an aging electrical panel and breakers to comply with the latest safety standards and lower insurance costs. Kwick Lights can replace Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco panels which have been found to be unsafe.

Fixture & Appliance Installation

Depend on Kwick Lights technicians to upgrade or install light switches, outlets, ceiling fans and more.



Ceiling Fans

Light Fixtures

Water Heaters

AC Units

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Service Areas

Kwick Lights serves residential customers in the following areas.