Commercial Electrical Services

Hire experienced Kwick Lights technicians for your project.

Commercial Lighting Products & Services

Kwick Lights is an experienced provider of LED retrofitting and lighting solutions for businesses and Institutions.

LED Retrofitting & Lighting Solutions

We specialize in retrofitting LED lighting on your sales floor, in your office space and commercial facilities. Our expertise allows retrofit projects to include appliance retrofitting, such as commercial refrigeration units.

Maintenance & Inspection

Ensure that your property is properly lit to provide safety and increase appeal. Kwick Lights can monitor your site and alert you of defective fixtures.

Waste Recycling

Proper waste disposal of bulk CFL bulbs is imperative. Call Kwick Lights to dispose of hazardous materials according to federal and local regulations.

Electrical Services for Businesses & Institutions

Kwick Lights is an experienced provider of commercial electrical services for businesses and institutions.

Many of our services include project management, to simplify the process and free up your time.

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Kwick Lights offers patented COPALUM™ and AlumiConn™ aluminum to copper conversions for your multi-family housing complex. Benefits of converting today include fire hazard mitigation and lowering of insurance cost.

Electrical Panels

Let Kwick Lights replace Federal Pacifc Electric (FPE) or Zinsco electrical panels with newer, safer alternatives. Increase the insurability of your property and reduce the likelihood of unexpected failures.

Meter Banks

Kwick Lights can coordinate and complete meter bank upgrades at your commercial or multi-family housing property.

Our Work

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Our lights save our clients money and our ambient lighting upgrades keep their facilities looking clean.

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