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Kwick Lights installs safe and insurance carrier approved electrical panels.

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If your commercial or multi-family housing property was built between 1950 and 2000, there's a chance that your electrical panel was manufactured by a company named Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco. Panels manufactured by these companies were found to be defective, showing high rates of sudden and unexpected failure.

The failure of a breaker to properly trip can result in the generation of heat, leading to electrical fires. Due to this fire hazard risk, many insurance providers refuse to issue insurance policies, or do so only at an increased cost.

You may also experience challenges selling property outfitted with affected panels.

Get Your Panels Replaced

Kwick Lights' licensed and trained technicians can replace your aging and defective electrical panels in order to eliminate these known safety defects. Our reporting solution and photo evidence of work performed will provide your insurance company with required proof in order to lower your insurance premium and/or allow you to obtain a policy.


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Reporting & Documentation

Upon completion of the repair, our team will provide the necessary documentation and photo evidence requested by your insurance company.

Is Your Panel Affected?

If your electrical panels name “Federal Pacific Electric” as their manufacturer, you likely have affected panels. These panels were also sold under different brand names up through around the year 2000. So, even if a panel doesn’t mention “Federal Pacific Electric”, it could be unsafe. If the panels mention “Stab-Lok”, they are likely affected panels and should be replaced.

The risk associated with these panels is so high, that the company is no longer in business due to the defects found in these products. If you're unsure about a panel, contact Kwick Lights and a technician can either evaluate the panel at your site. We can also identify panels from photos.

Project Management

Kwick Lights can take care of project management responsibilities for your commercial project.

  • Project Planning & Reporting
  • Scheduling Unit Repairs with Individual Residents
  • Organize Service Line Drops with Utility Providers
  • Coordination With Other Contractors
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