Meter Banks

Kwick Lights coordinates and installs meter bank replacements.

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Does your commercial or multi-family housing property need a meter bank replacement/installation?

Kwick Lights licensed and trained technicians can install new meters or upgrade existing meter banks.

Upgrade Your Meter Banks

Modern meter banks can provide additional functionality, such as increased remote data reporting frequency and troubleshooting capabilities for your utility provider.

Meter Bank Installation/Upgrades

Meter Bank Open
Meter Bank Closed

Reporting & Documentation

Upon completion of the replacement, our team can deliver comprehensive reporting about the work performed.

Project Management

Kwick Lights can take care of project management responsibilities for your commercial project.

  • Project Planning & Reporting
  • Scheduling Unit Repairs with Individual Residents
  • Organize Service Line Drops with Utility Providers
  • Coordination With Other Contractors
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