Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum wiring repair using COPALUM™ mitigates fire hazards and lowers insurance costs.

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Fire Hazards

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Insurance Costs


Are your commercial buildings or multi-family housing complexes built between 1960 and the mid 1970s? There’s a good chance that the wiring used is made from Aluminum instead of Copper.

Aluminum wire is softer, expands more under load and conducts less electricity when it oxidizes. This can cause safety issues, specifically at connections for switches, in receptacles and in your electrical panel. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that buildings wired using aluminum have a 55 times higher chance to reach fire hazard conditions at connections compared to buildings wired with copper.

Due to the increased fire hazard, many insurance carriers either don’t insure or insure such properties at a higher price.

Kwick Lights is a TE Connectivity Authorized COPALUM™ Installer

TE Connectivity


Kwick Lights is an authorized COPALUM™ installer. COPALUM™ offers an affordable, insurance approved, permanent repair method for aluminum wiring.

The patented COPALUM™ crimp method is recommended by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CPSC) and is found to be as effective in hazard mitigation as a complete, much more expensive, copper rewire.

Our experienced technicians will inspect all connection points in receptacles and switches and then crimp a copper connection onto your existing aluminum wire.

  • Kwick Lights is a TE Connectivity Authorized COPALUM™ Installer
  • Protect Against Electrical Fires
  • Affordable Alternative to Copper Rewire
  • Accepted Repair Solution by Most Insurance Carriers
  • Proven Safety Record
  • Permanent & Eco-Friendly Repair


Kwick Lights also offers the AlumiConn system, an alternative aluminum wiring repair solution, approved by select insurance carriers.

Using this method, our technicians will inspect your switches and receptacles and install an AlumiConn connector. This connector creates a conductive connection between aluminum and copper without the two wires touching directly. This mitigates the hazards caused by the two materials’ different expansion rates which is a common source of sparking/fires.

  • Most Affordable Repair Solution
  • Eliminate Contact Between Aluminum & Copper
  • Mitigate Fire Hazards
  • Accepted Repair Solution By Select Insurance Carriers
  • Limited Track Record
  • Prevent Oxidation of Aluminum (R)® - Online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice - illustrated, detailed, authoritative research on finding, diagnosing, testing, correcting, & preventing building defects, energy conservation, & indoor environmental hazards. Unbiased information, no conflicts of interest.

Project Management

Kwick Lights can take care of project management responsibilities for your commercial project.

  • Project Planning & Reporting
  • Scheduling Unit Repairs with Individual Residents
  • Organize Service Line Drops with Utility Providers
  • Coordination With Other Contractors
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Reporting & Documentation

Upon completion of the repair, our team will provide the necessary documentation along with photo evidence of the work performed. Your insurance carrier will request this information in order to adjust the insurance premium.

Financing Options

We've partnered with financial service providers to extend financing options for aluminum wiring repair. We can also coordinate the aluminum wiring repair with your insurance policy renewal in order to immediately start realizing your savings.

Do You Have Aluminum Wiring?

Aluminum wiring can be identified either by a stamp reading "Aluminum" or "AL" along the jacket, or by the conductor's silver color, versus the brown color of copper. Remember that only experienced electricians should deal with live power circuits - call Kwick Lights today if you're unsure and would like for a technician to evaluate your home.

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